the photo shoot

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My experience.

At the age of 48, I had my first portrait session. I treated myself. I was shy and not so thrilled about being in front of the camera, my job was to be behind it. Wow, it was so much fun! It was a life altering experience that gave me a boost of confidence just when I needed it the most.

I had my second shoot at the age of 50, a dark time of my life, and that experience ignited a fire within me that I never knew existed.

At a time when I could be mourning the entrance into the dreaded “mid life” world, instead I felt a rush of energy. I felt alive and sensual and sexual and strong. It was like magic. Who knew a photo session could be so transformational.

Your experience.

This photoshoot is the ultimate girls day out; one of pampering and doting, designed to make you feel and look beautiful.

Professional makeup, hair and wardrobe styling, music, and your favorite wine or cocktail, all part of the perfect plan.

Enjoy it alone or with your favorite person or pet. The choice is yours.

No matter your age or stage of life, it's your time!

Time to discover, connect or reconnect with yourself. Whether you are a career women, a mom, grandmother, wife, philanthropist, yogi, bartender, or lawyer- I want to shoot you!

Time for you to leave all your insecurities behind and be a rockstar for the day. YOU DESERVE IT!

My dream is to capture you at this very moment in time in order to preserve your story in its truest and most elegant form. I will provide you with stunning, heirloom images that are not stuck in cyberspace, but physical prints that you can proudly display in your home and treasure forever.

You will not only feel at ease and confident in front of my camera, but you will suddenly love being photographed. The entire experience, from our initial planning to the photo reveal, will make you feel alive. I promise!

Is this photo shoot for you?

If you bring me your positive energy and enthusiasm, I promise I will deliver you jaw dropping Vanity Fair style images.

This photoshoot is for women who:

  • Want to celebrate themselves and their personal or professional accomplishments.
  • Feel confident and want to be seen for who they truly are.
  • Don’t feel confident right now, are not in a happy place, and need a boost to their morale and ego.
  • Want to feel pampered for the day and be the center of attention.
  • Want to capture impactful, iconic, gorgeous images of themselves.
  • Are celebrating a special birthday or life event and want to capture the moment alone or with the ones they love.
  • Would love to see their beauty truly captured in a portrait.
  • Love their pregnant body and want heirloom images that their children can cherish forever.
  • Don’t love their pregnant body but trust that I will pose them in a way that will be flattering and gorgeous. Because they want heirloom images that their children can cherish forever. :)
  • Have a fantasy of being a cover girl for a day and have some fun in front of a camera.
  • Believe we are never too old to play dress up.
  • Are in business and are looking to elevate their professional look and online personal brand.
  • Have always dreamed of showing their sexy side in a boudoir session either for themselves or as a gift for their lover.
  • Know the value of great photography, and have seen and love my style of work.
  • Trust me, are open minded and have a positive attitude.
  • Know what they like, enjoy sharing ideas, and will allow me the creative freedom to work my magic.
  • May have some insecurities but will leave them at the door because they are ready to liberate themselves and spend a day immersed in self love.

This is NOT a photoshoot for you if:

  • You are looking for an inexpensive photographer to shoot things you can capture yourself with an iPhone.
  • You are going to ask for a discount :)
  • You are going to be overly critical of yourself and want extensive, unrealistic editing to the images.
  • You want posed, traditional shots.

Where is the shoot?

The world is our oyster and the location of your shoot will be determined based on the type of session and images you are looking for. We can shoot in my charming studio and gardens, in the back alleys of the Lower East Side of Manhattan or on a magnificent beach. The best part of this experience is that it will be designed just for you and together we can get creative in the planning, This is what I live for and I pride myself on offering tailor made moments for each individual client. My main goal is that you are having a great time and that your photos reflect an amazing YOU that has never been captured before.

The reveal.

About 2 weeks after your photo session you will return for the reveal of your beautiful portraits. Very exciting! There will be at least 25-30 signature retouched portraits for you to choose from. At that time you will select your absolute favorites and decide on what collection or products you wish to purchase.

Choose the session for you:

Maternity ~ Seed of love

Motherhood ~ Product of love

Boudoir & Beauty ~ Self love

Branding ~ Career love

LGBT ~ Love is love

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Ready to design your dream photoshoot?

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