Hi, I'm Hellen, a creative artist that uses photography to capture images that tell a story. My focus is on travel, portrait and fine art photography, and I have a special passion for nature and wildlife. Basically, I shoot what I love and I love what I do! 

My greatest joy is collaborating with my clients to brainstorm interesting ideas and implementing them to achieve unique and creative looks.

It is my mission to empower through portraiture, to celebrate the power of self love, and to capture precious moments of time. My vision pursues a modern approach with a focus on intriguing closeups and thought provoking images. I am obsessed with good, old fashioned, soulful black and whites. When I'm not traveling, I split my time between my beachfront  casita in Luquillo, Puerto Rico and my charming Long Island home and studio with my loves- my fiancé, Mel, and our two pups, Charley and Jaxson.

“There is nothing more beautiful than that intimate moment when I feel an energy shift, a sense of trust, of confidence, between me and the person I am shooting. That is when the magic happens. That is when the soul of the person is captured in their eyes and their body speaks the most beautiful language.” -hb

hellen barbara photography | Puerto Rico & Bay Shore | 631.806.9275

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