Photography is my drug.  My zen, my passion, my freedom.

I love making photographs that allow the viewer to have a connection. My pictures portray reality. The innocence, the reactions, the colors, the environment and the landscapes all play a very important part of the story.

A self-taught photographer, I am the happiest when galavanting to remote destinations, capturing raw moments and meeting new and interesting people. The work included in my portfolio is a selection of personal and professional work. While my range of subjects is fairly broad, my goal as a photographer is consistent: to creatively capture the essence of the moment so the viewer can feel inspired and moved. I don't really care about the rules. 

Ultimately, I desire to live simply, love boldly and do work that matters. I am intrigued by the idea of living in a beach shack, with flip flops and kikois as my everyday attire. Perfecting my yoga, reading and writing, and spending my days immersed in my photographs. Throw in a gorgeous sunset. Yup, life is very good.

*Hellen is a native New Yorker with a contagious zest for life. Now that her 4 daughters are grown, she spends her time pursuing her greatest passion, photography. Having voyaged to over 50 countries, Hellen is an avid explorer of the planet and the mind. As a professional photographer, her focus is on street photography and portraits of people and cultures around the world. She has traveled and worked with talents in the industry such as Art Wolfe, Hans Strand and Ira Block. Her favorite place to be and to photograph is Africa, where she can connect with the wild and her kindred spirits, the elephants. When not traveling, she lives in NYC with her life partner, Mel, and their two dogs Charley and Jaxson. 

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