Spotlight: Robin

This is what "almost 63" looks like. 

If you are Robin Magliato, that is. 

A small, simple town in Ohio is her birthplace, but Robin knew at an early age that she was destined for grander things.

 There was a whole world out there and somewhere more suitable for the life she dreamed of.

So at 17 years old she made the bold decision and moved to the Big Apple to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer. 

“When I am dancing, I feel like the music takes over my body and I must move. It’s like I MUST MOVE and all my cells come alive. 
It brings me so much joy. I love dancing with people and then also seeing their joy. It’s magical for me.”

“My career choice is not for the slight of heart.

Manhattan in the 70's and 80's was very gritty and raw, but I loved every minute of it.”

The early years certainly had its challenges, yet she remained disciplined and dedicated, and in a short time was able to achieve many of her dreams. Her passion and persistence rewarded her with a bicoastal career in film, theater and video, and landed her jobs working with the likes of Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul and other great talent.

When the day came to start a family, she retired from her demanding career and made the move to the burbs of Long Island . It was there that she raised her 2 daughters and completed more beautiful life chapters as a fine art teacher of dance. 

For 30 years, this life as a mentor to mostly children, would evolve to all disciplines of dance. A job that she loves very, very much. 

“It’s so rewarding to watch dancers grow and learn so many life lessons along the way. I encourage my students to embrace a passion for something and to put the work into it. In that way they can achieve success that no one can ever take away from them.”.

Besides her work, Robins greatest joy is watching her own children grow into beautiful and kind women, 
filling her life with joy and laughter. 

                                   Her inspiration: 

               People that beat to their own drum. 

“Movement is such a part of my DNA, I love anybody who pushes their body to the end goal of pure perfection and exhaustion.”        

Robin is a simpleton at heart and is happy just sitting on the beach watching a sunset, or sharing a night of music and dancing, laughing with friends, enjoying great food and wine. 

“I love cooking, especially trying to find the freshest and best ingredients to make delicious dinners for friends and family. It brings me joy to inspire people to be the best that they can be. "

What is she up to now? Recently Robin has embarked on a slightly different career path, using her past experiences and skills to teach Pilates.  And she loves it! 

Is she ready to retire? Not anytime soon. 

“As long as I am able to continue doing what I am passionate about, I will work forever. Being physical and teaching any form of movement is what I’ve always loved. It keeps me strong in body and mind, and as long as I can continue being a positive role model and mentor to others, I am gratified.  Retirement, for me, is a very long way away.” 

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