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Hellen’s passion for her work is only matched by her enthusiasm. She has a way of putting her subjects at ease with her sense of humor and clear direction.

I truly enjoyed working with Hellen and her team to capture some great promo shots for me.


From the second I walked into my shoot, until the end, I was in awe of Hellen’s professionalism. She made me feel comfortable from start to finish.

She is not only a photographer but an artist with the most unique eye for raw beauty. She was able to capture a time in my life that I will never forget.

I recommend her to all my family and friends, and am so eager for my next experience with Hellen Barbara Photography! Thank you, thank you!


I've never felt so comfortable in my skin during a photoshoot. We hadn't known each other for long before we decided to create some art together and everything flowed as though we'd been collaborating together for years.

Hellen encouraged me to just go with however I was feeling and that is a very liberating feeling.... no restrictions.

I am looking forward to the next time we come together and create again... when we make art come to life.


At a very gray period in my life, I decided to do a photoshoot with Hellen and Mel. These two women, so accepting, so warm, so comfortable, made me feel so special. I will always remember that feeling.

My photoshoot wasn’t about my beauty, but truly connecting with my inner self and the essence that is me, within. With their guidance I was able to connect on a deeper level and let myself express true emotions and feelings. Initially I walked in self conscious about my body and my beauty, not knowing what to expect. And I left feeling comfortable in my own skin, proud of the woman I have become, the challenges I have overcome, the life experiences; that have morphed me into the woman I am today.

A simple photoshoot. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It sure is! When I look back at my images and look into my eyes, I get those postive feelings all over again, every single time. Proud, strong, beautiful.

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